SIUE Mass Comm. hosts annual “Preview Day” for students

SIUE Mass Communications professor Dr. Musonda Kapatamoyo spoke with prospective students on their interests in the SIUE Mass Communications department. The presentation included information about the program specific requirements as well as an overview of the Graduate & Undergraduate courses. Dr. Kapatamoyo also answered questions on the three tracks of studies; Media Advertising, Print Journalism, and Television Radio. “It’s important not only for our students, but students all across campus to understand Digital Literacy..” says Kapatamoyo. “We teach web design here in the department to students, who can come in to the course and start from scratch and with 16 weeks experience, they have an expertise.”

image1Pictured: Prospective MC students; Dani Lamb and Sydney Hembrough

Students also learned about the Internship program in place in the Mass Communications department that begins typically in the Junior or Senior semesters at SIUE. The preview also stopped by the student run newspaper, the “Alestle” offices for those interested in print journalism. The preview ended with a full TV studio tour in Dunham Hall, where the prospective students viewed the Mass Communications “Global Village” set and production rooms.

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