SLAM! seeking Graphic Design and Video Production Interns

SLAM! is a marketing and advertising agency that helps
brands realize and reach their highest potential.


  • You must be actively pursuing a degree.
  • You’re willing to work out of St Louis, because, well, that’s where we work.
  • You’re able to work effectively in a team. Sorry Wolverine, we aren’t looking for loners.
  • You must come in ready to learn. As a non-paid internship, the value you’ll receive comes directly from the sheer amount you can learn from your mentor and our team as a whole.


  1. Design a resume that makes sense for your desired position. Your choices when designing, writing, or even filming your resume say just as much about you as the words on them.
  2. Showcase your talents by sending us links to your portfolios, coursework or any other means in which your skills are expressed. What are you most proud of? Show us.
  3. Package all of this into an email and shoot it over to Even if it takes a few weeks, we will read everything you send. Don’t worry about being overlooked.


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