SIUE Alums’ Pioneering Technology Transforms Inclusive Learning

With the influx of digital technology in classrooms, the educational benefits abound for many students. But the accessibility of those gadgets is lacking for approximately six million U.S. students with special needs. This means inclusive learning environments as they are most often perceived, are not so inclusive after all.

Three Southern Illinois University Edwardsville alumni, Dr. Jenna Gorlewicz, Jeff Croxell and Corrine Mueller, are forging new technological territory in an effort to remediate those inconsistencies and bring true accessibility for all to mainstream classrooms.

“We are passionate about making sure that every student is given an equal opportunity to reach their full potential in the classroom,” Gorlewicz said. “It’s not just a feel good mission, it’s a necessity for our future.”

Their software and startup company ViTAL (Vibratory Touchscreen Applications for Learning) is an innovation that translates visual content displays into content that can be seen, heard through sounds and felt through vibrations on touch screens.

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