by Abby McMahon

Picture of Dewayne Staats signing his book
Picture of Dewayne Staats signing his book

Not often you’ll see a contender Hall of Famer in the world. Pure luck is what it takes. But that all changed on a Thursday around two o’clock. SIUE, had the privilege of having Dewayne Staats coming to school while promoting his new book “Position to Win”, and signing autographs in the Cougar Bookstore. When asked about what it feels like to be back on campus he states, “It’s always great to be back here first of all and second to see all the changes from when I was here…” Staats jokingly says he was a student once here 100 years ago. When asked about tips and how he got started he stated, “I got fortunate the year I started is when they student station on the air. Almost since day one I was WISE and we got our hands on everything there… Mostly anything I could do there I did to get practical experience.” Now why, why would he write a book? He told me the reason wanted to write because when he was here he asked himself “What do I have to do to get this business and have some measure of success”, along he hopes to give students some ideas of what it takes to be in this career choice. Dewayne has spent over 30 years as an MLB broadcaster. From Houston to Chicago to New York, (ESPN) to finally Tampa Bay, he has seen it all. When asked about his favorite memory throughout his career, he couldn’t just name one favorite. Tough Call. But he did mention some, in 1990 he says is when him and his family moved to Florida, right when Tampa Bay was getting a baseball team. Loved it there and as been there ever since. He also told me Jim Abbott, a New York Yankee, pitcher born without a right hand and pitched a no hitter. He stated it was “special because of who Jim was”. Getting to meet Dewayne was such an honor and down to earth kind of guy. I wish him the best of luck and hopefully he gets in to the baseball hall of fame.

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