An Exceptional Speaker Joins Mass Comm. Week!!! Daphne Valerius

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.35.16 AM Meet Ms. Daphne Valerius, an ideal leader for all women, but also a phenomenal inspiration for women of color. Embracing and redefining roles such as a, producer, journalist, speaker, and entrepreneur, Ms. Valerius has generated a plethora of success, on a fruitful journey along the landscapes of media images, operating either in front of or behind the lens.

Securing her passion for the media industry while receiving her undergraduate degree at, St. John’s University, she pushed her knowledge forward to earn her Master’s in Broadcast Journalism at Emerson College. While at Emerson College, she produced her award-winning documentary, “The Souls of Black Girls”, and received the esteemed Associated Press Award for Public Affairs.

Amid other achievements, the success of, “TheSouls of Black Girls”, has garnered Ms. Valerius the support of the late Dr. Dorothy Height, a well- known women’s rights activist and American educator, helping her win the Mira Nair Award for Rising Female Filmmakers. This Harlem Int’l Film Festival, winner gained the privilege of being named amongst, “The Best Black Documentary Directors
of 2008”. Remarkably, Ms. Valerius was featured as a panelist of
Procter & Gamble’s 2009 national, “My Black is Beautiful” tour where the same, “The Souls of Black Girls” documentary was used as a centerpiece for discussion. (By Now You Should Definitely Want to Check this Film Out!) At the height of the film’s unexpected success, Ms. Valerius was an invited guest of
First Lady Michelle Obama to the White House as a result
of her work.

Even with these many milestones accomplished, Ms. Valerius hasn’t stopped there. The fond dedication to inspire more women, empower, and remove the idea of beiPicture1ng complacent, she launched, “I AM HER, Apparel”. This stands as her unapologetic fashion brand with trendy offerings that are meant to inspire women and girls to leave their mark. The brand has appeared on VH1, TVOne, Ebony Magazine, and more.

Ms. Valerius sets out to influence, empower, uplift and serve women and girls through positive and inspirational television, film and fashion projects. A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Ms. Valerius takes the message of self-love and self-worth beyond her film while traveling throughout the country as an inspirational speaker. Her television production credits include work for networks such as ABC, FOX and BET. Currently, she is the host of the faith-based series, “HerFaith: In Her Words”, and in the process of developing the sequel to her previous documentary, “The Souls of Black Girls, Too!” This is an exceptional speaker that will share wise words, provide motivation and inspiration, to not only those in the Mass Communication field, but to the lives of countless women and men seeking to leave not only the soles of their shoes in society, but their soul itself.


“The Souls of Black Girls”


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