New Faces Everywhere… Say Hi!!!

In addition to the new arrival of students on campus we also have some new faces inside the College of Arts in Sciences. The department sends a very warm welcome to our newest faculty memeber, Dr. Ashton Speno. Dr. Speno is joining the SIUE family after concluding a Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship at the University of Missouri.

Dr. Speno enjoys instructing classes related to media and culture, media effects, and new media. She has been published in several journals, and presented her work competitively. Aside from the academia world, outside of work she surprisingly, enjoys spending more time with media. She loves going to the movies, binging TV, and listening to music. Running is also something she enjoys, as she is running in her 4th half marathon in October. Spending time with her husband Nick, her dog Mr. Pickles, family and friends, also plays a huge role in her happiness and success.

Dr. Speno, would like to let everyone here at SIUE know that she is extremely excited and appreciative of the warm welcomes she has received from so many members of the SIUE community.

“I’ve only been here a few weeks, but I can already say that I love our campus and the Edwardsville community, and I feel so lucky to teach (and learn from) my awesome students!”

Overall, Dr. Speno would like to just learn from others in the SIUE community and build relationships with many of the awesome individuals here. She feels a strong sense of duty to share what she has learned with others and to help them to become media literate. In the best interest of the students, she encourages them to seek internships, attend local networking events, and generally get as much experience in the industry as they can while they’re a student here at SIUE. She reveals that, in return it will allow them to apply the knowledge you’re acquiring while building important connections that will serve them for years to come.

Finally, she wants everyone to remember this, “Have fun and let your personality shine!” Dr. Speno’s ultimate motivation is to empower others to become more mediate literate consumers and producers, so when you get a chance stop by her office in Dunham Hall to speak and wish her and her students a prosperous school year.


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