See what the students are doing this summer

Christian K. Lee is interning at the Washington Post: See his amazing photographs.

48 Hour Film won First Place at the “Best of” screening at the Tivoli. The film will screen at next year’s Filmapalooza with the winners from other participating cities. The film also won: Best Actor (Alex Trepka), Best Ensemble, and Best Graphics.

The team included current and former Mass Comm students including: Alex Trepka, Preston Gibson, Joel Anderson, Chelsea Ruholl, Kurt Simpson, Ashley Seering, Levi Malan, Darbye Balding, and Rachael Roberts.

The required elements were:
Character: Nate Klondike, a waiter
Prop: a bucket
Line of Dialogue: What did you just say?
Genre: Dark Comedy

Here’s the link:

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