Student Feature: Brendan Overton


Mass Comm Undergrad Student Feature:

Brendan Overton

13055919_10101951276967487_343162984846669324_oWhen I first met Brendan, I thought he was a typical undergrad student. Strolling into class a few minutes late and not interacting with the other students. It wasn’t until we shot our first episode of Global Village that I
started to learn more about who Brendan Overton really was.

Brendan began to open up when Professor Byers asked him to be the camera operator on our first shoot. Brendan was very comfortable with the equipment and he began to talk to the other students about how to operate the camera. As the semester went on, Brendan started to ask for my help more and more.


He shared with me that he had an interest in doing voice over work and that his dream job was to be a sports broadcaster for the St. Louis Blues hockey team. After I told Brendan about my experience with voice over work, we worked together to develop an outline for his demo reel. In addition to being a full time student, Brendan also has several part time jobs to help with his expenses.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.32.56 PM.png
Brendan Overton

Brendan is the sports director at WSIE, a public announcer with SIUE intercollegiate sports, a KMOX booth assistant for the St. Louis Blues and oddly enough, he is an ordained minister. I wondered why Brendan had all of these jobs, and he shared with me that he works as hard as he does to provide a great life for his infant daughter.

Brendan is now a senior and is taking a full load of mass communication classes. After spending two semesters with Brendan, I am confident that he will find a full time job in media shortly after he graduates. Brendan has a bright future ahead of him and he has definitely made his mark in the Mass Communication department here at SIUe!

 – Jennifer Hodges, Brendan’s Global Village TA


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