Dr. Kapatamoyo featured on Podcast

In the ninth episode of the Technically Speaking podcast, Caryn and John sit down with Associate Professor at SIUE Dr. Musonda Kapatamoyo talking about higher education, mass communications and technology. He teaches writing and design for the Web, multimedia use in mass media, advanced multimedia, new technology and media, and information technology and society. His research interests include use and impacts of information and communication technologies; creation, use and impact of Web 2.0 for ubiquitous learning; and political economy of media.

Technically Speaking is all about tech and how it’s shaping our lives both personally and in business. We’ll be interviewing industry experts to share stories on how people and business are using technology to lead better lives and drive business value. On our ninth episode, Caryn and John speak with Dr. Musonda Kapatamoyo, an Associate Professor at SIUE, about all things tech and mass communication.

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